Betting Brokerage

Unsuccessfully trying to place a bet above all market limits? This service is exactly what you need! It does not matter if you are interested in UEFA Champions League or a youth club friendly match - WE DO NOT SAY NO TO BETS. We have developed a friendly, intuitive, and dedicated Skype service, aimed at helping you place all your bets without the bothersome need to log into any account whatsoever. Our traders do not care if you are constantly winning, or if you are challenging them with 100,000€ bets, they are here to work with and for you!

Contact us online 24/7, share your desired selection, odds and amount, and watch us accommodate amounts that are at least 10 and 20 times the market limits with minimal or no effect on odds.

The bets are placed as quickly as possible, and in case your desired amount cannot be placed all at once, our traders will constantly update you as to the amount that was successfully placed, until your quota has been met.

There is nothing more reliable than that: all details are recorded on the Skype chat and you get a detailed daily report depicting your entire betting activity. As with all our services, your funds are always available for you within minutes. Send a Skype message to our account operators and quickly convert your brokerage bets into funds, using your payment method of choice out of the variety of available payment methods.