Be our partner

Here at PremiumTradings we have established an excellent working relationship with all major Asian bookies. Nevertheless, in order to expand our ideas even further we are searching for new partners who own either an online account, or have access to local european bookmakers and bet shops. Our main goal is to form a strong partnership which will significantly benefit both parties.

Our idea is simple – You place a bet for us and we are going to reward you!

By joining our program, you will have the following advantages:

  • Good relationship with one of the leading brokers
  • There are no requirements for you – all you need to have is account in EU bookmaker
  • No risk – you will be rewarded for each bet you have made for us

If you are an investor, and want to have share in our bets, we could make a deal too!

If you want to became a partner to a leading and fast growing company, do not hesitate to contact us!