Premium service

PremiumTradings is a sports betting brokerage service, designed to provide a professional betting solution to a growing audience of both individual punters and betting syndicates.


Deposits and withdrawals are swiftly executed with no delayed or revoked payments, while the whole process is completely transparent and backed with financial reports and statements.

Our professional support team is vastly experienced and dedicated. The operators are here to help you with every question that you may have. They will help you analyze your activity, providing extensively detailed reports regarding your betting history with us.

Premium Accounts

Our PremiumAccounts service will enable you to easily set up a single account or multiple accounts with each one of the best bookies on the Asian market


IBCbet, Pinnacle, ISNbet – we provide access to all of those and many others. All accounts are discreet and your personal details, including your place of origin or nationality, are not disclosed to any bookie. 

You get to manage all of your accounts under one roof! Get detailed reports for your total balance with all bookies, comprehensive financial statements, and free funds transfers between bookies within minutes.

Premium Agent

PremiumTradings gives you the option to become an agent for a certain bookie while earning generous commissions from all the business you can refer.


The more traffic your referred customers generate, the more you earn. Private punters or syndicates that have suitable financial resources can also take some of the bets on themselves.

Sounds interesting? Contact our operators to get additional information about the PremiumAgent service and start building your operation today.

Premium Pool

If you are trying to raise a pool of funds and/or are a private person with many friends who want to share their betting account or accounts, you can use PremiumPool!


A nominated manager needs to contact us and set the exact share each member is entitled to. He or she will get a detailed report on the overall performance of the pool. Pool members will get a report regarding their shares only (unless the Manager chooses differently).

The PremiumPool service will allow you to enjoy our high betting limits as well as all other benefits derived from our regular services. This will make achieving a good ROI ration for your pool members extremely easy.

Premium Transfers

PremiumTradings offers the possibility for fund transfers between account holders. Check our Transactions section for detailed information.