Betting Tools

Bet Broker is an automated betting brokerage with a bet-by-request option. It is a tool that allows you to place bets with stakes as high as you want them, and take advantage of the best odds possible. Customers can conveniently use it right from their account’s Private Area. It is like Skype betting and even better.


With Bet Broker you can log in your account and make your desired selection of bet. Once you enter a desired higher stake in the field, a new window will appear where you can write the minimum odds you are willing to accept for this stake. Then you send the message to a real trader who will work on your bet in the chat room. The trader starts working on it immediately.

You like how it sounds? Then be among the first to try it and experience betting the way you have always wanted.

Premium Goal

Tired of logging into multiple accounts in order to compare odds or place bets? We have what everyone is looking for! Goal is an amazing tool as it allows you to check market odds for all available events while logging into a single account.


Whether it is pre-match or live betting you are interested in, and whether your passion lies in Soccer, Basketball or Tennis betting, Goal will display all available and updated odds without the slightest delayIt will provide you with market averages in a straightforward manner. And that will be according to your preferences!

Market odds are just the start. Goal also gives you the super-convenient ability to place your bet with all available bookies in a single click! Contact our operators today to get the full Goal guide and start hitting the market and showing everyone what you are made of!