Christmas Promo 2018

The whole of December is going to feel like Christmas, finding yourself unwrapping our specially prepared Holiday Bonus Presents.

This month:
- You can get 20% cashback on your 18bet account! 
- Or if you better like it, you can get 0.15% turnover cashback on 18bet, 1bet, BabiBet or Bet Broker!

Write to us today so we can get you your reward!

28th November 2018
Broker Betting Tool

You have access to the one and only Betting Brokerage Tool without even realizing it!

Play for free in the brand new betting brokerage platform visible in your Private Area and PremiumTradings website.

What’s the deal? You’ll enjoy:

 Fully automated betting brokerage 

 Limits you desire, with the “bets per request” option

 You have an account; no separate log in needed!

 No IP requirements

 Easier and faster than a regular bookie account

On the top of it all, we will credit you with 0,1 % cashback on your July/ August 2018 turnover performance if you fund your brokerage account in those months.

How to start playing? All you need to do is log into your Private Area account. 

If you have questions, contact our support team via e-mail, Skype or live chat

13th July 2018
TURF7 Exchange Now Available at PremiumTradings!

PremiumTradings is proud to bring you a new sportsbetting exchange – TURF7.  Now you can get the best odds for top horse and greyhound racing events! You have a site dedicated to betting on those sports alone.

Never miss an opportunity to score big wins with this exciting new exchange.

You can expect high liquidity and excellent odds with back and lay betting from our new partners at TURF7.

Contact our friendly customer support team today and enjoy the new betting action available at TURF7.

15th May 2018
Mobile App now available

We are proud to announce the launch of our iOS and Android apps. Our tech experts have created high-powered mobile apps for all our registered players. You can now access a full range of features on the go. Simply power up your iPhone, iPad, or Android device and enjoy the following benefits:

Stay up-to-date about your PremiumTradings balances

Swift notifications for any transactions made in your account

Friendly reports

Easy to use cash-in & cash out requests

Direct contact with PremiumTradings operators via live chat

Live notifications, news and messages

Once you download the app you can use your already existing private area credentials, no need to create a new account or change anything in your existing account. When log in, all the aforementioned benefits will be at your disposal! 

Now you can take the action on the go – download the mobile app now!

24th April 2018
AUD Now Available

We are excited to announce that the Australian Dollar is the latest addition to our list of supported currencies for Pinnacle!

You now have the option to deposit in AUD via Neteller in the same fast and streamlined fashion that you have grown used to at PremiumTradings.

The new currency is available for other sportsbooks as well.

We’ve got your back – let’s get on to the field of play.

11th April 2018
Orbit Exchange Now Available at PremiumTradings!
PremiumTradings is proud to bring you a new exchange – Orbit Exchange.  Enjoy excellent odds with back and lay betting – a marketplace for you to bet on the outcome of thousands of events. Now you can get top odds on Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, and other fabulous sports. Never miss an opportunity to score big wins with this dynamic, new sportsbook. 
Here’s what you can expect:
- High liquidity 
- Multiple markets 
- Unbeatable betting odds
- Amazing variety of popular sports
Bottom Line: Orbit Exchange brings you onto the field of play with live in-play betting, top odds, and full coverage of the hottest sports.
Bet with a winner at Orbit Exchange – your fast-pass to the sporting action!
23rd March 2018
1bet exclusive partnership

2018 is going to be a firecracker for sports bettors. 

We are now going to be an exclusive partner of 1bet. Here’s what you can expect from this exciting partnership:

- PremiumTradings now features an Exclusive Agent System thanks to 1bet and all accounts will have 100% share
- 1bet players have access to scores of sporting events across plenty of markets
- 1bet has spruced up its image for maximum betting action making it the perfect partner

Are you game? Cash in with this exciting new partnership between us and 1bet and enjoy the big limits.

22nd January 2018

We are happy to announce a new solution for those, interested in exchanges - Are you looking for lay and back options on the sports markets? This is your exchange! Contact our professional support team now!

29th December 2017
Shark accounts

Currently we are having problems with our Betfair account provider.

We would like to assure you that we are working on finding an immediate alternative solution.

We highly appreciate your patience and understating.

We will keep you informed for any new information.

15th November 2017
New Minimum Deposit Threshold

Some good news for those wanting to trial out any of our partners' sites as listed here

We have reduced the minimum deposit significantly – to 200 euros so if that piques your interest, please get in touch with our customer service team.

1st February 2017
Monday working hours changes

Dear Valued Customers,

PremiumTradings Agency is always trying to meet the needs and fulfill customers’ requests.

We would like to inform you that all requests/new accounts/transactions/queries received on Monday will be handled only after 13:00 pm GMT due to preparation of weekly reports statements.

Customer support representatives will be glad to handle all requests and email received during Monday morning after the above mentioned hour with high priority

Thank you for understanding.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us any time.


8th October 2014
Bitcoin deposits added!

PremiumTradings is more than happy to introduce you with the newest way for depositing money  easy and fast – Bitcoin.

There are no fees for the Bitcoin deposits, and we will convert your Bitcoin deposit into various currencies.

For more information contact our Customer Support Department!

4th August 2014
Bet them all with as single Click

PremiumTradings is more than happy to introduce you with our (latest) newborn betting tool called the Goal System.

The Goal System allows you to consult with, and compare, odds from selected bookies throughout the market, as it will simultaneously calculate the average odds from said bookies.

To top it all, it enables you to place bets with all sportsbooks with a single click!

For more information visit our dedicated section.

1st December 2013
18bet-Exclusive cooperation

PremiumTradings is proud to be the only agency which can offer you the chance to explore the latest exclusive sportsbook on the market- 18bet!

18bet is building a reputation as a solid bookmaker, offering a wide selection of pre-match and live sports events while specializing in Asian HDP.

Our agency can provide you with members' and agents' accounts in your preferred currency.

Opening an account through PremiumTradings will guarantee you the finest pleasure of placing bets in a professional sports platform.

1st November 2013