UEFA European Championships Tournament 2021

Are you ready for the biggest football tournament this year?

The UEFA European Championship starts today!

Teams will be competing to be crowned Champions.

Tournament participation:

Guess the teams in each stage of the UEFA Euro 2020, earn points and win prizes! We will have 5 Stages and 5 Winners at the end of the tournament.Each guessed team brings you 5 points.

Tournament Rewards:

  • 1st place 400€ 
  • 2nd place 300  
  • 3rd place 200    
  • 4th place 100   
  • 5th place 2 Free Deposits

Tournament Stages:

  • 11 June - First Stage

Which teams go to Round of 16? – 16 teams

Guess which teams go to Round of 16.

Fill in the survey to score your answers!

Each correct answer brings you 5 points. The maximum number of points you can earn in the first stage is 80 points for all 16 teams. Selection of teams will be limited after every match.

  • 24 June-Second Stage

Which teams go to the Quarterfinals? - 8 teams

Fill in the survey to score your answers!

Guess which teams go to the Quarterfinals. Each correct answer gives you 5 points. The maximum number of points you can earn in the second stage is 40 points for all 8 teams. Selection of teams will be limited after every match.

  • 2 July-Third Stage

Which teams go to Semi-finals? – 4 teams

Fill in the survey to score your answers!

Guess which teams go to the semifinals.Each correct team gives you 5 points. The maximum number of points you can earn in the second stage is 20 points for all 4 teams. Selection of teams will be limited after every match.

  • 6 July-Fourth Stage

Which teams go to the final? – 2 teams

Fill in the survey to score your answers!

Guess which teams go to the Semifinals. Each correct answer gives you 5 points. The maximum number of points you can earn in the second stage is 10 points for all 2 teams. Selection of teams will be limited after every match.

  • 11 July-Fifth Stage

Who will be the winner of UEFA EURO 2020?

Fill in the survey to score your answers!

If you guess the winner, you get 50 points!

Tournament Terms and Conditions

  • Score your answers from 11 June to 11 July 2021.
  • Tournament has 5 stages.Maximum points you can earn from all stages is 200 (stage 1 maximum points 80; stage 2 maximum points 40; stage 3 maximum points 20; stage 4 maximum points 10; stage 5 brings you 50 points);
  • We will have 5 winners selected based on their score results.
  • If winners have the same number of points, we`ll select the first 5 on random principles.
  • The Free Deposits are valid for all bookies, payment methods and amounts.
  • The Cash Reward will be considered as a regular deposit in the customer's PremiumTradings account.
  • To receive a reward you must hold an active PremiumTradings account.
  • If you do not have an account, you can simply contact our customer support team or register here.
  • All General PremiumTradings T&Cs apply.

Join now to score prizes and win with PremiumTradings!

11th June 2021
Football Game

In this football season, you may be the winner of a 50€ Cash prize!

Villarreal will face Manchester United in the UEFA Europa League final 2021.

Enter your Win predictions for the BIG FINAL in our short survey, guess the winner and get a chance to win CASH with PREMIUMTRADINGS!


Rules to follow:

  • Select your Win from 10-26 May 2021.
  • We`ll have one winner, who will be selected on random principles.
  • The Cash Reward will be considered as a regular deposit in your PremiumTradings account.
  • If you don`t have an account with us, you can contact our amazing support team or simply register here.
  • All PremiumTradings T&Cs apply.
10th May 2021
Refer a Friend Promotion

Refer Your Friend and Get 1% Cashback

For our loyal clients, we have created a Refer a friend betting promotion. Now you can recommend a friend who wants to be a PremiumTradings customer and get 1% cashback of their deposited amount.

To take advantage of our R-a-F program, please contact our customer support team and indicate your friend's details. Another way is to make sure that your friend provides us with your name after registering their account.

Referrer T&C

  • You must have at least 3 months old PremiumTradings account and a turnover of at least €1000 monthly.
  • You can recommend as many friends as you wish, there is no limit.

Referee T&C

  • You are eligible for the promotion from the time of your referral’s deposit.
  • This promotion does not include accounts in the betting exchanges, Maxbet, Singbet or Goal tool.
  • You must not have an active PremiumTradings account, or be associated with any other users, besides your referrer.

General T&C

  • PremiumTradings reserves the right to withhold the reward if customers breach any of the above-mentioned rules or try to abuse the bonus structure in any way possible.
  • The Refer a Friend promotion can`t be used in conjunction with other promotions.
  • All general PremiumTradings Terms & Conditions apply.


20th April 2021


WELCOME BONUS for new customers!

FREE 1st deposit + Cashback on deposits UP to 5000€

Now each new customer of PremiumTradings can take advantage of our Exclusive Weclome Bonus. You get a Free Deposit at no extra charge and 1% Cashback of the deposited amount up to 5000€.

How to get the Bonus?

  • Simply register with PremiumTradings or contact our customer support team to request it.
  • Make your first Free Deposit and open account/s in some of our bookies eligible for the promotion:18betasia, Pinnacle, 1Bet, Skype Betting, BabiBet & BetBroker.
  • Enjoy your Bonus and bet on your favorite sports.

Claim your PremiumTradings Welcome Bonus today and enjoy all the perks of betting through PremiumTradings betting agency.

Before opt-in, please be sure to read the terms and conditions to understand whether the deal works for you.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The promotion starts on the 6th of April 2021.
  2. To benefit from this offer you should be a new customer, who does not hold or has held a PremiumTradings account in the past.
  3. The Welcome Bonus can`t be used in conjunction with other promotions.
  4. Participation is allowed only once per person, email address, payment account number, IP address or shared computer and is not transferable.
  5. If PremiumTradings suspects a player/s of fraudulent activity, it may remove them from the promotion or suspend their account.
  6. This offer is valid for all available deposit methods and amounts.
  7. This promotion does not include exchanges, IBC, Singbet or Goal tool accounts.
  8. The 1% cashback amount will be credited automatically to the player's cash account once the player’s betting account registration is confirmed and he performs his first deposit.
  9. Before requesting a withdrawal, you should have rollover your initial deposit, along with the welcome bonus, 20 times, otherwise deposit fees over them will be applied. You may refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details:
  10. All general PremiumTradings Terms & Conditions apply.
6th April 2021
Get a Free Goal tool for a month

Hello Sports Fans,

Now you have the chance to get a Free Goal tool for a month!

All you need to do is to contact our support team to open your Goal account with PremiumTradings and get free access for the first month.

For those of you who do not know, our Premium Goal tool allows you to check the market odds for all available sports events! Whether it is pre-match or live betting you are interested in, and whether your passion lies in Soccer, Basketball or Tennis betting, Goal will display all available and updated odds without the slightest delay.

It will provide you with the market averages according to your personal preferences!

Get your Goal account today and start hitting the market!

This isn`t all, if you are an existing client of PremiumTradings but you want to try our amazing tool, you can refer your friends and also get Free access for a month!

Terms and Conditions:

  • The promotion is active from 1-31 March 2021.
  • The offer is valid for new and existing clients.
  • If you are a new customer of PremiumTradings you can get a free Goal account for a month. All you have to do is to contact our customer support team for assistance or fill in our registration form here. If you wish to refer a friend but not to opening an account; he can benefit from getting a free Goal tool for a month.
  • If you are an existing customer you can refer some of your friends in order to benefit from the promotion. If your referred friend opens a Goal tool account you will also get a free Goal tool for a month, no matter if you already have an existing Goal account or you wish to open a new one. *You can refer only one friend during the promotion.
  • If you had an account in the past and wish to reopen it, to benefit from the promotion you may refer a friend and get a free Goal tool for a month.
  • The Goal tool activation starts after you request your account and is active 30 days from the activation date. In the cases, where you refer a friend the activation starts after your friend request his Goal account.
  • All general PremiumTradings terms & conditions apply.

Best regards,

PremiumTradings Team

1st March 2021
Make A Deposit Get One Free

For every deposit made in the current month, you will get a Free Deposit in return. Sounds great, doesn`t it? This means that every second deposit is free of charge. 

Promotion rules:

  • Each customer can take advantage of the promotion only once. 

  • Active period: 5 February 2021 to 28 February 2021.

  • Offer applies to all payment methods, bookies and amounts.

  • All general PremiumTradings terms & conditions apply.

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A win for you is a win for us! 

5th February 2021
31 Days Pre-launch promotion!

Since you showed great interest in our free deposit promotion in December, we decided to extend the campaign in January! Isn`t that great?

You have 31 days more to get a free deposit at no extra charge. The offer is valid for all bookies, payment methods and amounts.

Register now to get your free deposit! If you already have an account, all you need to do is to contact our customer support team and ask for the deal!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Each customer can have one free deposit during the promotion period.
  • This offer is valid from 4 January 2021 to 4 February 2021.
  • Both our new and existing customers can benefit from the promotion.
  • Participation is allowed only once per person, email address, payment account number, IP address or shared computer. We reserve the right to withdraw the availability of any offer and to redeem all winnings money accumulated by any customer or group of customers at any time and our sole and absolute discretion.
  • General PremiumTradings Terms & Conditions apply!

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1st January 2021
Free Deposit Promotion

With Christmas just around the corner, it's time for presents!

You are valuable to us and we are happy to grant you with one FREE DEPOSIT for all bookies and amounts only in December.

All General PremiumTradings Terms & Conditions apply!

Enjoy Your Free Deposit Now

1st December 2020
ATP Finals Tennis Tournament
Tennis Lovers,
How about we play some singles? The world's best eight qualified singles players and doubles teams battle out for the last title of the season.
Check our latest TENNIS GAME and RACE FOR 2x50€ !
Score here: and Win!
Game Points:
  • Our game is open from November 12th to 23rd!
  • We`ll have two winners, who guessed the champion of ATP Finals 2020.
  • The voucher will be considered as a regular deposit in your account.
  • If you don`t have an account with us, just contact our friendly support team or register here.
The ball is in your court!
12th November 2020
Turnover Competition

If you are a big fan of sports like us, JUMP in our current promotion!


Taking part in our competition can bring you a 100€ Premium voucher, which is valid for any of your PremiumTradings accounts!

Guidelines to follow:

  • The promotion is active from the 15th of October to the 15th of November.
  • There is no deposit limit. The more you play, the more chance you have to win!
  • Simply sign up here and leave your email address.
  • The bettor with the top highest turnover will be the winner of our competition.
  • The reward will be considered as a regular deposit in your account.
  • You don`t have an account with us? There`s nothing to worry about! Our Customer Care Team is here to assist you. Just contact them or quickly register here.
  • All PremiumTradings Terms & Conditions Apply!

Join our 100€ REWARD competition and become the WINNER!

15th October 2020
UEFA Super Cup Promotion

Watch Europe UEFA Super Cup 2020, Guess the Champion and WIN 100€ in your PremiumTradings account!

If you are good at predictions, this is your chance to win a 100€ reward by correctly predicting the winner of the upcoming UEFA Super Cup event between the Champions League victor Bayern Munich and Europa League winner Sevilla FC!
These two European giants will clash in Budapest, on Thursday 24th September at 09:00 CET time.
Place your vote for the result of the event and participate in our game for 100€ win in your PremiumTradings account!
Make your predictions here:
Game Rules:
  • The game is running from Tuesday 15th September and it ends on Friday 24th September 2020 at 09:00 CET time!
  • Predictions have to be submitted through the provided link to our short quiz.
  • Simply give your score, leave your name and email address.
  • Players will win the reward based on their answers to the correct predictions they make.
  • Players can access the quiz through all platforms – Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter or PremiumTradings website and forums.  
  • If you haven`t got an account with PremiumTradings, but you want to participate in the game, you can easily register here or contact our support team.
Quiz Reward:
  • Participating in our game can bring you a 100€ Premium voucher, which you can use in any of your accounts with PremiumTradings!
  • The winner will be picked on random principles between all players guessed the correct answer for the final of the event!
  • The winner will be announced in the last week of September on our Social media platforms!
  • The voucher will be credited as a deposit in your PremiumTradings account.
     All PremiumTradings Terms & Conditions Apply!
Let’s enjoy the game and win prizes with PremiumTradings!
28th September 2020

Hi, everyone,

We are proud to present you THE LATEST CASINO BOOKMAKER WE HAVE — SLOT10!


Enojoy a variety of games and all the winnings that are sure to come with them.

27th March 2020
2 First Free Deposits Promotion

Hey everyone,

You can still register in August and first 2 deposits are free!

Because registration has never felt easier

No long registration forms anymore. With a few clicks you:
1.   Choose all the bookies you want.
2.   Set a single account to bet from.
3.   Get a Private Area right away.

And if you’re already registered, you can check out the Private Area we updated for you! Get your reporting with just a glance — everything is completely transparent with a full history of transactions.

So what are you waiting for?
Register now ➡️ ➡️ it’s two deposits for free! No fees whatsoever. Choose your bookies, get your account and you’re ready to bet.


21st August 2019
Maxbet (former IBCBET) with new URL!

➡️ Hey, are you, guys, betting on Maxbet?

➡️ In case you've missed it, Maxbet, formerly known as IBCBET, has a new URL now! You can enter site from here:

Happy Friday and Happy Betting!

2nd August 2019

Open an account with our new partner — FairExchange, powered by Betfair!

With various sports to play, its unique slider for easy, live trading and its mobile version which allows you to bet from anywhere are just some of the perks why you should open an account with it.

Talk with us to have the exchange added to your PremiumTradings account now
and get higher stakes and odds with FairExchange!

9th May 2019
Minimum Deposit Promotion

PremiumTradings is proud to announce that the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts from now on will be only 100€ for all of our bookies and exchanges, including Premium Goal and Premium Bet Broker!

The minimum deposit for Skype betting will now be 1000€, and for Singbet and Citibet chat with us and check the rates.

So what are you waiting for? We’re live!

22nd April 2019
Meet us at Ice London 2019!

Ice London 2019 is on its way for another year, taking place 5-7 February, Excel London UK. It’s a meeting place for all business leaders in the iGaming sector where everyone working in the field can meet in a friendly atmosphere and create valuable networks. 

Join us at Ice London this year where the most up-to-date information in the sector will be discussed in 7 Conference Tracks taking place 5-7 February:

- International Casino Conference
- World Regulatory Briefing
- Modernising Lotteries
- Advertising and Marketing
- Cybercrime and Security
- Artificial Intelligence
- Esports

From panel debates to focused networking you can find everything that excites you and gets you curious about the gaming world, and you can find us! Yes, PremiumTradings is joining Ice London 5-7 February and we’re looking forward to meeting you in person! Write to us for more details

3rd January 2019
Broker Betting Tool

You have access to the one and only Betting Brokerage Tool without even realizing it!

Play for free in the brand new betting brokerage platform visible in your Private Area and PremiumTradings website.

What’s the deal? You’ll enjoy:

  • Fully automated betting brokerage 
  • Limits you desire, with the “bets per request” option
  • You have an account; no separate log in needed!
  • No IP requirements
  • Easier and faster than a regular bookie account

On the top of it all, we will credit you with 0,1 % cashback on your July/ August 2018 turnover performance if you fund your brokerage account in those months.

How to start playing? All you need to do is log into your Private Area account. 

If you have questions, contact our support team via e-mail, Skype or live chat

13th July 2018
TURF7 Exchange Now Available at PremiumTradings!

PremiumTradings is proud to bring you a new sportsbetting exchange – TURF7.  Now you can get the best odds for top horse and greyhound racing events! You have a site dedicated to betting on those sports alone.

Never miss an opportunity to score big wins with this exciting new exchange.

You can expect high liquidity and excellent odds with back and lay betting from our new partners at TURF7.

Contact our friendly customer support team today and enjoy the new betting action available at TURF7.

15th May 2018
Mobile App now available

We are proud to announce the launch of our iOS and Android apps. Our tech experts have created high-powered mobile apps for all our registered players. You can now access a full range of features on the go. Simply power up your iPhone, iPad, or Android device and enjoy the following benefits:

Stay up-to-date about your PremiumTradings balances

Swift notifications for any transactions made in your account

Friendly reports

Easy to use cash-in & cash out requests

Direct contact with PremiumTradings operators via live chat

Live notifications, news and messages

Once you download the app you can use your already existing private area credentials, no need to create a new account or change anything in your existing account. When log in, all the aforementioned benefits will be at your disposal! 

Now you can take the action on the go – download the mobile app now!

24th April 2018
AUD Now Available

We are excited to announce that the Australian Dollar is the latest addition to our list of supported currencies for Pinnacle!

You now have the option to deposit in AUD via Neteller in the same fast and streamlined fashion that you have grown used to at PremiumTradings.

The new currency is available for other sportsbooks as well.

We’ve got your back – let’s get on to the field of play.

11th April 2018
Orbit Exchange Now Available at PremiumTradings!
PremiumTradings is proud to bring you a new exchange – Orbit Exchange.  Enjoy excellent odds with back and lay betting – a marketplace for you to bet on the outcome of thousands of events. Now you can get top odds on Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, and other fabulous sports. Never miss an opportunity to score big wins with this dynamic, new sportsbook. 
Here’s what you can expect:
- High liquidity 
- Multiple markets 
- Unbeatable betting odds
- Amazing variety of popular sports
Bottom Line: Orbit Exchange brings you onto the field of play with live in-play betting, top odds, and full coverage of the hottest sports.
Bet with a winner at Orbit Exchange – your fast-pass to the sporting action!
23rd March 2018
1bet exclusive partnership

2018 is going to be a firecracker for sports bettors. 

We are now going to be an exclusive partner of 1bet. Here’s what you can expect from this exciting partnership:

- PremiumTradings now features an Exclusive Agent System thanks to 1bet and all accounts will have 100% share
- 1bet players have access to scores of sporting events across plenty of markets
- 1bet has spruced up its image for maximum betting action making it the perfect partner

Are you game? Cash in with this exciting new partnership between us and 1bet and enjoy the big limits.

22nd January 2018